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  1. Apex X Event August 19
  2. Sara McIlraith epitomizes a true love of sport
  3. Celebrating Andre Dumais’s 50th recorded run around the Laurentian Trail.
  4. Photos This Week
  5. Upcoming Events: Sep 10 Ramsey Tour (ONLINE REGISTRATION OPEN)
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  August 19, 2023

Our first obstacle race, The Apex X! We are so happy with how this event went and all the positive feedback we received.
It has always been a dream to put on an obstacle race; this is what we train for each year as a team. We had our athletes out on the course crushing it and even more volunteering on the day. Thank you all so much for your help, and thank you, Kivi Park; the team there is incredible.
If you are looking for somewhere fun to train, come and see us, we have a great team and a lot of fun things going on!
We also have our next event coming up on September 17! Our 3rd and final trail race is the Apex Warrior! 6, 12, 25, and 50 km.
For the first time, we are running a team relay race!!! Oh, and a kid's race as well! Register for the trail run here.

Dennis Legault

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Sara McIlraith epitomizes a true love of sport
Randy Pascal

As many of the city’s top athletes gathered for the 2023 Beaton Classic just over a week ago, many questions remained to be answered.

And one, generally speaking, did not.

The winner of the Women’s Solo bracket was almost a foregone conclusion.

Having raced the event on an individual basis no less than 13 times, including this year, and having finished first in her category far, far more often than not in that bracket, the newsworthy part of following the accomplishments of Sara McIlraith lies most in the wonder of just what kind of specialness she will unveil next.

Her 50th birthday behind her, the woman who would have placed in the top third of the men’s grouping is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down - which is not to say that her races, year after year, are exact reproductions of one another.

That wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.

“My solo forays into this race have taught me so much about multisport racing,” said McIlraith recently. “Most important is to have a huge respect for the sport - and that hard and smart training pays off. Initially my goals were just to finish and race hard.”

“I now focus on more nuanced goals: getting the weight perfect in the canoe; better pulling in the swim; improving my transitions - all the little things that make big differences.”


Since first stepping foot on the course (or more appropriately into a canoe) in 2001 as a member of a four person team and on through her first solo effort at the Beaton in 2009, McIlraith has remained committed to a path of continuous athletic self-discovery - age be damned.

“Three years ago, I fell in love with mountain biking,” noted the warrior who has now Conquered the Crater on three different occasions, garnering two gold medals and a silver as she morphed her way over to off-road adventure triathlons. “I had been riding (mountain bike) for over a decade but it always felt like I was in a battle with the trails.”

“Shifting my perspective allowed me to see the trails as an opportunity to challenge my skills. Mountain biking opened up a whole new world of racing to me.”

We are talking, after all, about a competitor who hurtled herself at a 50km trail race to “celebrate” turning fifty, bypassing the need to perhaps complete a conventional marathon completely. “This was one of my most cherished races,” exclaimed McIlraith. “It was a rare day where I felt strong the entire race (and finished first overall).”

Crowned as Miss-Fit Sudbury on multiple occasions, the partner of Beaton race director Neil Phipps and mother of fellow Beaton competitor Kate Richards is gradually recognizing that the landscape of athleticism will shift, at least to some extent, as one enters their second half-century on earth.

“I can no longer solely rely on hard training,” she conceded, perhaps with a touch of sadness. “I’m embracing the science that thankfully is now emerging for “mature” athletes. Endless mileage is now balanced with strength training, short speed sessions and a lot more cross-training.”

“It is also motivating to know that my primary sport sees many older athletes reach their prime in their fifties or beyond.”

For as much as McIlraith is something of a machine when it comes to pushing herself through an incredibly demanding calendar of events during the summers, it is once the snow flies that she excels even more.

“My first love will always be nordic skiing,” noted the woman who was again in attendance at the 2023 Canadian Masters Cross-Country Ski Championships, besting a former Olympic medal winner in capturing her division in the process. “Skiing has given me my proudest achievements and my deepest soul-crushing moments.”

“Only a true love of sport will bring you to tears at the finish line.”





A Celebration of Andre Dumais’s 50th recorded run around the Laurentian Trail.


Fun day today getting introduce to, and getting to know others of the Sudbury Running Community during a celebration of Andre Dumais’s 50th recorded run around the Laurentian Trail.
The highlight of the day for me was an explanation from Vince Perdue on the significance of the stone cairn on the Laurentian Trail. As Vince explained shortly after his wife passed away he was out with a couple of friends for a run past this place. Among Vince’s passion is running, however we also know that running places second to Vince’s wife Lise who passed in Dec of 2020. To honour her memory, Vince and his friends started adding stones to a cairn and since then many of the Sudbury running community have also carried a stone (some many stones, some stones just short of boulders) to this peak as a tribute to Lise or as an uniquely important moment/memory for the runner/hiker placing a stone. It might also be considered as a means of “lightening the load” or an “unburdening” of the troubles of the day. The moment was touching and a Thank-you is in order for Vince and his sharing of the story and sharing his perspective of the cairn as well.
I like the ring of Laurentian Trail’s Perdue Peak. A place to remember, a place to unload troubles, a place to come together to celebrate the simple effort of putting one foot in front of the other.
Thanks Vince, a remarkable day. (Mark David Crockett)

Vince replies. Thank you Dave for the kind words and to Andre for the invite. It was an over the top day. But no to Perdue Peak. The are many more deserving for that title.

Celebrating Andre's 50th time running the Laurentian Loop with a huge group run! What an incredible accomplishment! Congratulations, Andre!
It was very evident this morning that you have had an incredible impact on the running community here in Sudbury. A huge thank you to you and Vince for being wonderful role models and mentors for so many of us! I am so honoured to be a part of this running community. We truly are a family.
Cheers to many more incredible runs!
BB's for life! (Ashley Amanda)

Photo credit Andre Dumais

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Photos This Week

Aug 16 Rocks!! Apex Wednesday pm run

Aug 16 Nepawhin Lake

Aug 16 Finlandia

Aug 16 Finlandia

Aug 21 Moonlight bridge pond

Aug 16 Finlandia

Aug 17 Redwing trail at Bioski

Aug 17

Aug 18 Beaver trail pond

Aug 19 Rocks!! Saturday am run

Aug 20 Ramsey Lake

Aug 21 Moonlight bridge pond

Aug 21 Bioski pond

Aug 21 Bioski trails

Aug 21 Bioski trails

Aug 21 Bioski trails

Aug 22 Moonlight Duck trail

Aug 22 Moonlight Duck trail











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The Ramsey Tour

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