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  2. The Trimuskokan 2023
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Canoe Marathon Virtual


  June 25, 2023

Canoe Marathon Virtual





A few of us, the “diehards” lol, raced through the winds and smoke this morning and had ourselves a ball regardless!
Climate change is here folks…adapt or live in fear!

John Larmer






The Trimuskokan

Sunday, June 25, 2023



Another great day of swim-bike-run at The TriMuskokan .Such a well organized tri and everyone is so friendly Fortunately the triathlon did not have to be canceled due to air quality. Smoke on the drive home was another story Thanks Robert Masih for bringing me along for another adventure
Age group winners were presented with coffee mugs Love .my blue one (Maureen Moustgaard)

Race Place Bib Full Name Gender Age Team Chip Elapsed Time Gender Place Age Group Age Place SWIM T1 BIKE T2 RUN
                    Elapsed Elapsed Elapsed Elapsed Elapsed
121 198 Robert Masih Male 63 NRG PERFORMANCE TRAINING 2:37:30 70 M60 - 69 9 23:46 4:13 1:12:40 2:35 54:17:00
Race Place Bib Full Nam Gender Age Team Chip Gender Age Group Age Place SWIM T1 BIKE T2 RUN
                    Elapsed Elapsed Elapsed Elapsed Elapsed
116 327 Maureen Moustgaard Female 76   1:54:37 78 F70 - 98 1 32:28:00 3:37 44:12:00 1:34 32:48:00

All Results Here




Legion track athletes looking to make the cut
Randy Pascal

As a local committee assembled Sunday afternoon at the Lockerby Legion, entrusted with selecting a squad that would represent District H at the Legion Provincials next month in Brampton, it was clear that they would have some medal-contending talent at their disposal.

And while the overall depth can certainly be improved in the years to come, the next wave of track and field rising stars (U12 / U14) was furnishing ample reason for optimism as athletes from across the north gathered Saturday at the Laurentian University track complex.

You can throw Annabelle Richardson right near the very top of that pile.

The 12 year-old grade 7 student at Marymount Academy established a new meet record in the U14 200m dash (28.06), a clocking that would have earned her a bronze medal at the SDSSAA Championships as a high-school freshman.

All this while wearing track cleats for the very first time and still just finding her way, technically speaking, on the track.

“Last year was kind of my first year with track and field,” noted the talkative multi-sport talent who enjoys a background in nordic skiing in addition to keeping busy with tennis. “I’ve always known that I was a little bit fast but I tried track last year and did really well, so I wanted to do more of it – and that’s what I am doing this year.”

As for the effect of the new shoes, Richardson overcame some initial trepidation, allowing the equipment to do its thing. “I just got spikes and I think that definitely helped with my times,” said the youngster who also placed first in both the 100m (13.57) and 300m (48.32) events.

“I was a little bit nervous about using my spikes; I had never used them before. I tried them a few times today but I had no clue how to use them and I didn’t want to hurt myself – but I decided to just go for it and it went really well.”

“It definitely felt faster, like I was more on my toes,” noted Richardson.

Fresh off her appearance at OFSAA Track & Field, Lo-Ellen Park senior Brooke Gibeault had no choice but to be on her toes. The 17 year old long-time Manitoulin Island resident who moved to Sudbury in recent years in part to take advantage of the glut of sporting opportunities participated in no less than four events on Saturday, winning three of them (U18 – shot put; 100m hurdles; long jump – plus third in the 200m dash).

It was all part of the master plan as the super active teen who will be suiting up with the U19 Team Ontario girls basketball team at the North American Indigenous Games in Dartmouth next month (July 15th – 23rd) looked to qualify for the heptathlon, an event not offered at the district level but contested at provincials.

“I did four events today, which happened to be almost all at the exact same time,” Gibeault said with a laugh, trying hard to catch her breath. “For me, I think my biggest challenge is that I mentally block myself a lot. I kind of like relying on my muscle memory from all of my training to perform well.”

“I don’t have to think; I can just do it,” she stressed. “It’s like it’s encrypted in me.”

Leaving from track to catch-up with her softball teammates at weekend tournament action in the late afternoon, Gibeault is facing the conundrum so many multi-sport athletes her age come to face. “It’s hard to find a balance, at least that’s what I find when it comes to athletes my age who are trying to get into a single sport so that they have time to train.”

“For me, it’s mostly speed and agility – and that translates from basketball to hockey to all of my different sports.”

Though not all that interested in something like the heptathlon, Gavin Patterson was just busy as Gibeault, throwing in an appearance in the 100m/300m races, along with his specialty, the hurdles (200m – 1st place – 27.92). The addition of the 1500m steeplechase, well, that was kind of another matter entirely.

“I did it because my friend (Nolan Millette) wanted to do it and he asked me because there was just two of us,” explained the 15 year old grade nine student at Bishop Alexander Carter who finished 18th in the 300m hurdles at OFSAA at the beginning of June.

“It (the steeplechase) was horrible,” he laughed. “It’s tiring and your legs are just numb.”

Grade nine is often a year of discovery for the incoming secondary school class, and when it comes to track and field athletes in particular, nothing is more eye-opening than an appearance at OFSAA.

“OFSAA was amazing,” beamed Patterson, who took almost a full second off his personal best time once pitted against the very best hurdlers in Ontario. “There were a ton of people, really fast people. They are so good at track; they train all the time.”

“I haven’t really trained yet but I am trying to get in with Track North or Robert Esmie. I would like to start doing that.”

Among the more notable remaining results for local Legion competitors were new records by:

Melina Doiron – U16 - 1st place – 200m – 26.02; 1st in 100m – 12.70
Darren Joiner – U16 - 1st place – 200m – 23.53; 1st in 300m – 38.54
Ava Bebawy – U12 - 1st place – 100m – 14.24; 1st in 200m – 29.41
Blaire Rickard – U14 – 1st place – shot put – 8.80m
Maren Kasunich – U18 – 1st place – 3000m – 10:40.60; 1st in 2000m SC – 7:31.98
Caleb Mead – U16 – 2nd in 2000m – 6:15.23






Photos This Week

June 21 Rocks!! Apex Wednesday pm run

June 22 Moonlight Duck trail

June 22 Moonlight bridge pond

June 22

June 22

June 22

June 22 Moonlight bridge pond

June 22 Moonlight bridge pond

June 22 Moonlight bridge pond

June 22 Moonlight bridge pond

June 22 Bioski trail

June 23 Moonlight backcountry

June 23 Moonlight backcountry

June 23 Moonlight backcountry

June 23 Moonlight bridge pond

June 23 Moonlight bridge pond

June 23 Moonlight bridge pond

June 23 Moonlight bridge pond

June 23 Sudaca

June 23 Fion refuses to swim at Moonlight beach

June 24 Rocks!! Saturday am run

June 24 Ramsey Lake

June 24 Science North boardwalk

June 25 Civic Cemetery

June 26 Bioski swamp

June 26 Moonlight beach

June 26 Duck Trail

June 26 Moonlight bridge

June 27 Moonlight bridge pond in the rain

June 28 Rotary Park

June 28 Rotary Park











Upcoming Local Events


  July 9

Apex Trail Races 2023










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