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  1. Canoe Marathon This Sunday
  2. Former Paralympian, Olympic cyclist among those inducted into the Greater Sudbury Sports Hall of Fame
  3. 3 tips for nailing the perfect pace on race day
  4. Photos This Week
  5. Upcoming Events: July 9 Apex Trail Series Race #2
  6. Running Room Run Club Update: 
  7. Track North and Laurentian XC News






Canoe Marathon THIS SUNDAY


  June 25, 2023

Canoe Marathon


Sunday, June 25, 2023
9:00 AM 10:00 AM
Sudbury Canoe Club Ontario (map)
Sudbury Canoe Club is hosting the Paddle Sport Marathon on June 25th, 2023.

Registration/number pick up will begin at 730 am with the race starting at 9am

Canoes kayaks and SUPs are all allowed

Distance options are 5, 10, and 20kms

Cost is $25/person which can be paid when registering online through our store

Boating safety protocols will be enforced (pfd's etc)

Online Registration




Former Paralympian, Olympic cyclist among those inducted into the Greater Sudbury Sports Hall of Fame

Gilles LaFrance, a runner with cerebral palsy, broke two world records in 1986
CBC News June 17


Gilles LaFrance competed for Canada as a para-athlete in the 1980s and 1990s. Now he's been inducted into the Greater Sudbury Sports Hall of Fame. (Markus Schwabe/CBC)

Although he held a couple of world records in the 1980s for running, and participated in three Paralympics, Gilles LaFrance never became a household name.

But now the runner from Sudbury, Ont., has been inducted into the Greater Sudbury Sports Hall of Fame.

A ceremony was held Wednesday.

"I was really surprised because I didn't think it was going to happen for a long time," LaFrance said about the honour.

LaFrance said he joked with the hall of fame's organizer, Randy Pascal, that he thought he would be recognized posthumously because other athletes were more deserving.

LaFrance has a mild form of cerebral palsy, but said it feels more natural for him to run than to walk.

His parents encouraged him to run in the early 1980s, and by 1982 he was representing Canada at the World Cerebral Palsy Games in 1982.

"I ended up going there and I got a gold medal, my very first, in the 200-metre race," he said. "And then it just continued."

From 1984 to 1992 he had a good run where he just missed the podium at three Paralympics.

LaFrance finished fourth at the games in New York City in 1984, fifth at the games in Seoul in 1988 and fourth again at the 1992 Paralympics in Barcelona.

In 1986, between Paralympics, he broke two world records in a 30-day span.

LaFrance said he still runs for fun and participates in Sudbury Rocks race every year.

Ringette player Karen Duguay Bunting, figure skater Jeffrey Buttle and late Sudbury city councillor Fabio Belli, who helped build the city's soccer community, were also inducted into the Greater Sudbury Sports Hall of Fame.





3 tips for nailing the perfect pace on race day
We've all gone out too fast–here's how to avoid that common mistake


It doesn’t matter how experienced or inexperienced a runner you are–everyone has made the mistake of going out too fast in a race. It’s a painful affair, both physically and mentally, when you see others blowing by you because you’ve gone out too swiftly. The thing is, you will never win the race in the first kilometre, but you might well lose it.

Lara Rogers, the head coach of the Under Armour professional team UA Mission Run Baltimore Distance group in Baltimore, coaches some of the top up-and-coming middle-distance athletes training for the 2024 Paris Olympics. Rogers shares three tips on how to find that sweet spot and maintain a consistent rhythm throughout the race.

Be realistic
Firstly, know your target pace. Set realistic and achievable pace goals based on your training and previous races. This requires understanding your fitness level and the demands of the race distance. If you are running your first 5K or 10K, it’s better to start at a modest pace and speed up as the race progresses.
If you have some recent races under your belt, you can always use them as a reference. A recent 5K is a great race predictor for what you can run for 10K, as is the 10K for the half-marathon. For example, if you have a personal best of 25 minutes for 5K, doubling your time and adding two to four minutes should give you a realistic range to train toward.

Get a feel for it in training
In the weeks leading up to race day, spend a few sessions trying to nail that goal pace. Practising this can help your body get familiar with different paces and develop a sense of pacing. By practising at race pace, you are training your body to maintain that specific speed and get comfortable with that effort.
Incorporating tempo runs, intervals and race simulations are all great sessions to build your comfort level. My favourite workout to find your perfect pace is 10 reps of 400m, or five reps of 800m, at your potential goal pace, with equal recovery. If you can conquer this, it’ll help you feel confident with your pacing as you gear up for race day.

Be patient
It is easy to get carried away at the start with the excitement of race day, but trust your training and remember that finishing strong is the most important part. Remember to be patient, and using a pace group of runners shooting for a similar goal time can help you nail the perfect pace from the start.
While it’s important to stick to your target pace, it’s also important to be flexible and make adjustments if necessary. Factors like weather conditions, terrain and how you feel on race day can all impact your performance. Trust your training, stay focused and strive for a steady rhythm. By following these three tips, you’ll increase your chances of achieving your race day goals.






Photos This Week

June 14 Moonlight bridge pond

June 14 Bioski trail

June 14 Bioski pond

June 15 Fielding park

June 15 Fielding park

June 15 Fielding park

June 15 Fielding park

June 16 Moonlight bridge pond

June 16 Laurentian lake south end

June 16 Laurentian lake coffee with Thomas

June 16 Blackbird pond

June 16 Bioski

June 17 Rocks!! Saturday am run

June 17 Bell Park by George B.

June 17 Bell Park by Goerge B.

June 17 Laurentian U.

June 18 Moonlight bridge pond

June 18 Moonlight bridge pond

Moonlight back trails

June 18 Blanding's turtle off Moonlight back trails

June 18

June 19 Laurentian loop

June 19 Bennett Lake

June 21 Bioski

June 21 Bioski Beaver pond

June 21 Beaver pond

June 21 Beaver pond

June 21 Moonlight trail

June 21 Moonlight bridge

June 21 Moonlight bridge











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  July 9

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