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  1. SudburyROCKS!!! Meet Sophie McGee
  2. Helen Francis at Canyonlands 100k
  3. Locals Run Pick Your Poison Trail Run
  4. A Special Rock!! is Recognized at the County Marathon
  5. Photos This Week
  6. Upcoming Events: May 28 SudburyROCKS!!! Marathon June Apex Trail Races 2023
  7. Running Room Run Club Update: 
  8. Track North and Laurentian XC News









SudburyROCKS!!! Meet Sophie McGee

Meet Sophie McGee, a dedicated runner from Timmins who is gearing up for the SudburyROCKS!!! Race, run or walk event on May 28th. While Sophie doesn't consider herself a serious runner and winter running has never been her thing, she has decided to challenge herself this year by braving the Timmins winter and staying committed to her running routine.
Sophie is no stranger to the SudburyROCKS!!! Race, Run or Walk event, as she has participated in the past and has fond memories of the city where she has made great friends. This year, she sees it as the perfect opportunity to test her fitness level and catch up with her friends while doing something she loves.
Sophie's commitment to her fitness and her passion for running are truly inspiring. She is setting a great example for others by showing that with determination and perseverance, one can overcome challenges and achieve their goals, even if they are not a seasoned athlete. Her positive attitude and willingness to push herself out of her comfort zone are commendable, and she is sure to make her mark at the SudburyROCKS!!! Race, Run or Walk Event.
As the race day approaches, Sophie is excited to put her training to the test and see how far she has come. She is looking forward to the camaraderie of the event, catching up with old friends, and making new memories in Sudbury. Sophie's story is a testament to the power of determination and the joy of pursuing one's passion, no matter the obstacles.
Good luck to Sophie as she takes on SudburyROCKS!!! Race, Run or Walk event with her unwavering spirit and enthusiasm!
Looking for the perfect opportunity to put your training to the test? Join us for an adrenaline-pumping running event in Sudbury on May 28th!

Registration is online: https://tinyurl.com/SudburyROCKS2023






Helen Francis at Canyonlands 100k

Helen at Kit Pick Up

Canyons Endurance Runs by UTMB® takes place in the robust region of Northern California. Just a short drive from your race, you’ll have access to some of the most visited destinations in the state.


Placer County sets the stage for your race. Placer features easy access for visitors and residents alike to experience a year-round mix of spring, summer, fall and winter sports and activities, outdoor adventure, tantalizing food and wine grown in Placer’s Mediterranean climate, world-class shopping, dining, arts and culture and more.

Within its borders, picturesque farm land and Gold-Rush era towns dot the oak-covered foothills. Craggy peaks, forests, tumbling rivers and clear alpine lakes create the natural beauty of the High Country.

Start and finish your race in Auburn, CA, known as the Endurance Capital of the World™?.





Locals Run Pick Your Poison Trail Run


Helen and Glenn

Liz and Jody


We finished Pick Your Poison Trail Run this morning. The trail was surprisingly dry considering the overnight rain. It got a bit muddy in the last couple km. I had a rollercoaster of emotions as I hiked the course. I'm grateful to have been able to do it. My glutes & quads will be thanking me this evening and tomorrow. Thanks to all who helped put on the run.

Helen Bobiwash with Glenn Woods


Other Locals competed in different distances. Their times are below

Congrats All!!


Overall Place Bib Name Gun Time Division Division Place Gender Gender Place Pace Chip Time City        
59 219 Glenn Woods 1:44:07 M55-59 6 Male 38 8:19 1:43:50 Sudbury        
96 106 Helen Bobiwash 2:35:51 F50-54 10 Female 48 12:27 2:35:31 Sudbury        
Overall Place Bib Name Gun Time Division Division Place Gender Gender Place Pace Chip Time Split 1 Split 2 Split 3 Split 4 City
4 577 Jeffrey Paul 4:49:08 M40-44 1 Male 4 5:47 4:49:08 1:08:09 1:10:09 1:13:16 1:17:36 Sudbury
29 561 Stephen MacKenzie 6:17:14 M45-49 5 Male 21 7:33 6:17:08 1:20:01 1:25:24 1:39:52 1:51:52 Hanmer
75 608 Kaitlyn Whitsitt 8:22:36 F20-24 2 Female 23 10:03 8:22:27 1:43:23 1:58:00 2:18:38 2:22:28 Greater Sudbury
Overall Place Bib Name Gun Time Division Division Place Gender Gender Place Pace Chip Time Split 1 Split 2 City    
49 372 Jody Nadjiwon 3:11:33 F50-54 4 Female 20 7:40 3:11:18 1:27:55 1:43:39 Whitefish    
98 387 Mary-Elizabeth Schweyer 5:01:19 F40-44 13 Female 55 12:03 5:01:02 2:25:14 2:36:05 Sudbury    

All Results at Race Roster

From jars of honey to the technical finisher socks, PYP is one sweet race. A challenging 12.5k loop through the Heights of Horseshoe in Craighurst, Ontario awaits you, but what poison will you pick? One loop will challenge even the experienced trail runner with 4 epic climbs, single track switchbacks, and variant weather conditions on race day. Runners can choose 1, 2, or 4 loops of this course made up of 98% off road terrain in 12.5, 25, or 50k distances. Come for the day or stay in the local area for the weekend and enjoy the many scenic vistas that Simcoe County has to offer.






A Special Rock!! is Recognized at the County Marathon

Rocks!! member Ken Stubbings running his 100th marathon in 2019 at PEC being greeted by wife Lynn

by Lynn Stubbings

WOW...such an unexpectd surprise this morning! Mark & Lynne Henry stopped by to bring Ken the 20th anniversary race shirt for The County Marathon which takes place on October 1st in Prince Edward County. Mark & Lynne have been the driving forces for this event from the beginning. I've attached pics of Ken sporting the shirt & the lovely letter that accompanied this gift.
Ken & I have run this race every year since the inaugural event October 3rd 2004.


first PEC t- shirt from 2004

Ken placed 3rd behind two elite runners in the first event. The race was featured on TSN including Ken's progress captured by the motorcycle camera crew. Awesome

Ken actually possesses one of the only remaining shirts promoting the first event. He only wears it once a year the day before each year's event when we pick up our race kits. He received it as a race prize for the Wellington 8km run in the spring of 2004. Many have tried to get their hands on it. Pic attached.

Mark & Lynne contacted us about a month ago asking if we could share any meaningful run photos. They were updating the race website and wanted something from us included because of our long-term commitment to this event. How nice! They actually used two pics that include us.
The first is a shot of Ken running his 100th marathon in 2019 as he ran past the start line for the half marathon. I was there to give him encouragement and it was captured by my friend Deb Patton with whom I was running the half marathon. Deb & I have registered for this year's half marathon. Ken has a goal to participate in some way


Radiation treatment 5 of 5 today. Onward with healing & improving.

NOTE: Ken is presently going through cancer treatment. Chemo and radiation are the themes of his weeks.

We send positive thoughts his way

NOTE2: Ken actually won our SudburyROCKS!! Marathon in its early days. He paid for lunch that day.





For anyone looking for a beautiful, scenic & peaceful event, this race is highly recommended. It runs from Wellington to Picton through Sand Banks Provincial Park.





Photos This Week

April 26 Rocks!!/ Apex Wednesday pm run

Apr 27 Rotary Park trail

Apr 27 Rotary Park trail

Apr 27 Rotary Park trail

Apr 27 Rotary Park trail

Apr 27 Rotary Park trail

Apr 28 Moonlight bridge

Apr 28 Bioski area

Apr 28 Ramsey Lake south end

Apr 28 Moonlight bridge

Apr 28 Ramsey Lake south

Apr 28 Ramsey Lake south

Apr 29 Rocks!! Saturday am run

Apr 29 Bell Park

Apr 29 Bell Park (photo by George Bardeggia )

Apr 29 Nepahwin Lake

Apr 29 Golf course

Apr 29 Golf course

Apr 30 Greenbriar

Apr 30 Finlandia

Apr 30 Finlandia

May 1 Loach's path

May 2 Bioski

May 2 Laurentian Lake










Upcoming Local Events


Registration is OPEN for the SudburyROCKS!!! Marathon Events

We are enthusiastically returning as an in person event








Apex Trail Races 2023


Trail Race Registration








Run Club Update




Store News


Good afternoon Sudbury Runners and Walkers,



Cancelled until Further Notice

NOTE: There is a Wednesday pm group leaving the Apex Warrior gym On Loach's Rd. at 6pm








Track North and Laurentian XC News









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