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  1. A Rock!! in Boston
  2. Get Ready for the 2023 SudburyROCKS!!! Race, Run or Walk for Cancer
  3. Cambrian at the ROCKS!!!
  4. Sharing a very special goal - over the ether
  5. Photos This Week
  6. Upcoming Events: May 28 SudburyROCKS!!! Marathon June Apex Trail Races 2023
  7. Running Room Run Club Update: 
  8. Track North and Laurentian XC News






A Rock!! in Boston


Norm in 2011 Boston


Congratulations to our own Norm Lonergan on his outstanding performance in this year's 127 running of the Boston Marathon. Great splits equals a great time. We expect a glowing report at this Saturday's run.


Lonergan, Norm
Age Group 60-64
Bib Number 21015
State/ Province ON
Place (M/W) 10697
Place (AC) 477
Time Total (gun) 3:49:39
min/mile 8:39
Split Time Of Day Time Diff Min/mile Miles/h
5K 11:20:48AM 0:27:49 27:49:00 8:58 6.7
10K 11:45:57AM 0:52:58 25:09:00 8:06 7.41
15K 12:13:51PM 1:20:52 27:54:00 8:59 6.68
20K 12:39:58PM 1:46:59 26:07:00 8:25 7.14
HALF 12:45:38PM 1:52:39 5:40 8:19 7.22
25K 01:06:26PM 2:13:27 20:48 8:35 7
30K 01:36:23PM 2:43:24 29:57:00 9:39 6.23
20 Miles 01:48:07PM 2:55:07 11:43 8:38 6.96
21 Miles 01:56:59PM 3:04:00 8:53 8:53 6.75
35K 02:02:59PM 3:10:00 6:00 8:02 7.48
23 Miles 02:13:37PM 3:20:38 10:38 8:32 7.03
24 Miles 02:21:46PM 3:28:47 8:09 8:09 7.36
40K 02:28:43PM 3:35:44 6:57 8:05 7.43
25.2 Miles 02:31:45PM 3:38:45 3:01 8:45 6.86
Finish Net 02:39:40PM 3:46:41 7:56 7:48 7.71






Get Ready for the 2023 SudburyROCKS!!! Race, Run or Walk for Cancer

Get ready to lace up your shoes and feel the exhilarating race day atmosphere once again in person at the 2023 SudburyROCKS!!! Race, Run, Walk for Cancer! It's time to gather at the start line, embrace the energy, and hit the streets for an unforgettable running event in support of the fight against cancer for patients across the region.

Steve Matusch had a dream in 2004 to create a community running event to rival some of the best in the world. With the help of Vince Perdue, SudburyROCKS!!! came to life – growing every year and attracting thousands of participants for the 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon races. With the full marathon as a Boston Marathon qualifier, it didn't take long for SudburyROCKS!!! to become the city's premier running event.

Although the pandemic resulted in a virtual format for the event over the past three years, your support has never wavered. The return of an in-person event is exciting and we can't wait to see the sea of people on Minto St. and the lined streets along the race routes, feeling the unparalleled race day vibes once more!

Race day is less than two months away! Register today and join us for another extraordinary event. Click the button below and follow the registration process. Don’t forget to create your personal fundraising page through the Running Room’s online portal to help make a significant impact on cancer care in our community by donating to the Northern Cancer Foundation. A step-by-step set-up guide was sent to you when you registered.



Let's come together as a community and make this year's SudburyROCKS!!! a memorable, impactful, and heartwarming event. We can't wait to see you at the start line!

If you have any questions, contact Kristofer Cacciotti, Community Engagement and Events Specialist via email at kcacciotti@hsnsudbury.ca.

Thank you for your continued support.









Cambrian at the ROCKS!!!

by Michelle Brunette



Cambrian's support for the Sudbury ROCKS is in full swing. We started a run/walk club that currently has 68 participants. Cambrian sponsored club t-shirts and up to 30 free registrations for the Sudbury ROCKS 5km. On the volunteer side, so far 99 Cambrian students have volunteered for the race at water stations and as race marshals








Sharing a very special goal - over the ether
Randy Pascal

(Story from South End Living, New Sudbury Living and
Valley East Living magazines)

Sylvie G. and Vince celebrate at the 100,000 mile mark


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”


For a relatively young and naive Vince Perdue, the ancient Chinese proverb would be setting the bar far too low. At least back in the summer of 1979, that bar seemed far too low.

The avid local runner and long-time race organizer and volunteer recently achieved a milestone that very few would even contemplate, crossing the 100,000 mile threshold in terms of training runs and races over the course of the past four decades and a bit.

Sure, credit can be given to some family genetics that would lead the now 72 year old to be able to run every single day, without missing even one, for a period of 21 straight years at one point.

But perhaps the real credit goes to a deeply engrained mindset that Perdue would acknowledge almost from the start of this journey. “I am very single-minded and stubborn,” said the retired Inco employee with a laugh. “I always have been.”

It was only a few months after taking up running in earnest when he was still in his late twenties that his personal odometer was beginning to really rack up some miles. “It struck me that the way I was running then, I will probably put up 2000 miles a year,” noted Perdue. “If I did 2000 miles a year, by the time I am eighty, I will get to 100,000.”

“I figured that was very doable.”


The pragmatics would come along later – along with a whole lot more knowledge about proper run training techniques – and a realization of some later year challenges that might not be quite so obvious to a young man who had yet to celebrate his 30th birthday.

“I definitely did not lay a ground plan to get from zero to 100,000 miles; it would happen by itself through a lot of other goals along the way,” suggested Perdue. “I would think it was fair to call it a very soft goal at that time.”

A love of data management certainly helped as the runner logged every single workout, utilizing nothing more complicated than a simple Excel spreadsheet and a series of binders that now number 43 – one for each and every year that Perdue has run.

“I honestly don’t look back at them, but I have them and I love them,” he smiled. “I think that has kept me going at times when life takes turns.”

Make no mistake – Vince Perdue is a goal-setter, by nature. In 2015, he crossed off the bucket list item that required him to complete a marathon in each and every province and territory in the country. He would run the Around the Bay 30 km Road Race for 25 consecutive years.

Also make no mistake that this is definitely not about building up a showcase of trophies and medals and such. “I’ve won only one race in my life (New Liskeard Ten Miler around 2004 or so) – and that was because the guy who was in first place got lost,” he exclaimed.

But even as the impressive 21 year streak came to an end a few years ago – only because he had to spend a few nights in the hospital after being struck by a car while riding his bike – the cast was set for what was now clearly a lifestyle choice. “I was actually not unhappy that streak got broken,” Perdue explained.

“It would have been hard to break away from it otherwise, so it didn’t bother me to have a forced day off. Now, I haven’t taken a day off since December 27th.”

“I just do it; it’s part of me.”

As one might expect, his running has changed. Since 2015 or so, there are fewer races – and absolutely no concerns about pacing. “My shuffling / walk-running is now in the back forty at Laurentian trails and on the Moonlight trails – going slowly and taking photographs.”

“I run well within myself now. There is no need for me to do anaerobic training. I really don’t stress myself very much at all.”

And while he would readily admit that there were times when he ran though the wise choice would have clearly been to reward himself with a day off, Perdue is also very much in tune with his body. “You shouldn’t run in pain but you can run in discomfort – and you have to understand the difference,” said the man who religiously maintains a five day a week practice of doing ten minutes of core strength work, on the side.

“I believe it keeps me going forward more than anything else.”

And go forward he did, until the time came on the morning of (Saturday) February 11th that the stars would align. That is only partially true as the passing of time has seen Perdue bid adieu, in this world at least, to both his very close friend Steve Matusch (in 2020) and his beloved wife Lise nine months later.

Just over two months ago, however, Perdue was one day away from his goal, planning to hit the mark on February 12th. Lise’s best friend, Sylvie Guenette, had come out for a Saturday morning group run only to find out she would be running alone this particular morning.

“As it worked out, we would meet up,” recalled Perdue. “We never run together – except that day. With a mile left to go, I told her: this is going to happen today. That was very rewarding for me.”

Some 43 years after the incredible voyage started, Vince Perdue allowed himself a little time to appreciate the milestone, one which started with a single step.

“When I passed the 100,000 mark, I couldn’t share it with them (Lise or Steve) in person, but over the ether, I definitely did.”

“I miss them so much.”






Photos This Week

Apr 12 Rocks!!/Apex run

Apr 13 Sudaca

Apr 13 Bioski with blackbirds and one woodpecker

Apr 13 Flag on Ramsey

Apr 13 Flag on Ramsey

Apr 14 Moonlight

Apr 14 Perch Lake

Apr 14 Sudaca

Apr 14 Walden

Apr 14 Kivi Park

April 15 Rocks!! Saturday am run at Bell Park

Apr 15 Ramsey Lake at Bell Park

April 15 Minnow Lake

April 15 Minnow Lake

April 15 Finlandia

April 15 Finlandia

April 15 Finlandia

April 15 Greenwood Ave

April 17 Maley trail

Apr 19 Kingsway trail

Apr 19 Finlandia

Apr 19 Finlandia










Upcoming Local Events


Registration is OPEN for the SudburyROCKS!!! Marathon Events

We are enthusiastically returning as an in person event








Apex Trail Races 2023


Trail Race Registration








Run Club Update




Store News


Good afternoon Sudbury Runners and Walkers,



Cancelled until Further Notice

NOTE: There is a Wednesday pm group leaving the Apex Warrior gym On Loach's Rd. at 6pm








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