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  1. 2023 Canadian Masters/Ontario Masters Championships
  2. Caleb Beland at the Chilly Half
  3. 10 Myths About Running It’s Time to Stop Believing
  4. Photos This Week
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2023 Canadian Masters/Ontario Masters Championships

Sara McIlraith



With Neil not feeling well, I recruited a younger and faster partner for this year's Masters Nationals. Konrad passed the magic age of 30 and over, and could finally join us 'old' folks on the Masters race circuit. This year, the Canadian Masters Championships were held in Ontario at Hardwood Ski and Bike (Horseshoe Valley). Ski race weekends are always big volume, and the Masters pushed our limits with a grueling 3 days of hard racing. 10k skate day 1, 10k classic day 2 and the finale a 30k classic or skate race.

Day 1 was a test of my ability to stay in the pain cave. I had some close competition which pushed me to keep the hurt on. Konrad, having taken a short cut on the glide waxing, had to push much harder than his competitors to stay within the lead pack. "My skis were dawgs!" he said. My skis were thankfully lightning fast thanks to my amazing wax tech Neil.

Day 2 was my goal race. A 10k hilly classic race, my specialty. The snow conditions were super tricky to wax for, but we nailed it and it really paid off. Our uncoventional methods made our 'coach' (Peter) shake is head, but sometimes you need to think out the norm. I hammered out of the mass start and took the lead, staying strong but in control. This is the kind of race you live for, feeling strong and fast doesn't happen everyday. Konrad had an amazing race, the skate speedster found his classic groove and finished third overall and second in his age category!

Day 3 was a test of everything. 25cm of fresh snow overnight and temps just above 0, we call this skiing on mashed potatoes. I re-adjusted my race plan, with a new goal to not blow up, be patient on the first lap and negative split the second lap. I completely achieved it, conserving energy on those ridiculously deep snow climbs worked. I spent the second lap passing everyone who had gone out too hard. My ski choice rewarded me, (thank you warm base skis), they actually sped up on the second lap as it got warmer. Konrad pushed through a very tough race, and didn't let his failing legs win. Super impressed with your race Konie!

The Masters was my goal weekend for this year, and I'm really happy with what I accomplished. I shifted my training from pure volume in favour of more intensity and solid technique work, and I think it really paid off. Skiing is so rewarding because there is always something to work on, to improve. I am even more in love with my sport now.

I hope some of you will be inspired by this, reach a bit out of your comfort zone and try a 'big race'. You might beat an Olympic Gold Medallist too :).

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Caleb Beland at the Chilly Half


Caleb Beland started the Spring road race season in fine style today by running a full minute personal best at the Chilly Half-Marathon today in Burlington. Caleb placed 4th overall and 1st in his age group in a time of 1:09:22.7. This equates to 3:17 per km over the 21.1km race distance. Congrats Caleb!

Place Bib Name Gender City State Country Clock Chip Pace Age Age Division Division
              Time Time     Percentage Place  
1 38 R M Dundas ON CA 1:06:38.3 1:06:38.3 3:10 26 87.1 1 M Open
2 2 H M MISSISSAUGA ON CA 1:07:09.8 1:07:09.8 3:11 33 86.6 2 M Open
3 9 E M Toronto ON CA 1:08:13.6 1:08:13.6 3:14 33 85.2 3 M Open
4 11 C M Sudbury ON CA 1:09:25.1 1:09:22.7 3:17 25 83.7 1 M 25-29

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10 Myths About Running It’s Time to Stop Believing
February 22, 2023
Jody Braverman, CPT, FNS, RYT
Additional reporting by
Danielle Zickl

1. You Should Always Stretch Before Running
You used to see runners begin a workout with a good static stretch session (reaching down to touch your toes, for instance), but research shows this type of stretching before a workout doesn't provide any benefit.
For example, a March 2013 review in the ?Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports? suggests static stretching before a run may actually slow you down during your miles. And according to Yale Medicine, it probably isn't helping prevent any injuries.

Instead, doing a dynamic warmup before a run is the way to go. Dynamic stretching "involves performing gentle repetitive motions in a way that gradually increases motion, circulation and muscle length," per Yale Medicine. "When these replicate the activity that you are about to perform, such as running, they allow the muscles to stretch and the blood flow to those areas to be optimized."

2. You Should Eat as Many Carbs as Possible Before a Race
The spaghetti dinner the night before a race is a great time to socialize with fellow runners and fuel up for the next day's event. But if you're eating big spaghetti dinners every night leading up to a race, you're not doing yourself any favors.
Carbo-loading helps fill up your muscles' stores of glycogen — aka stored energy from carbohydrates. But sports-performance coach Hannah Schultz, CSCS, says many people overdo it before a race. "What people need to understand is that the muscle tissue can only hold so much glycogen," Schultz tells LIVESTRONG.com. Anything above that is stored as fat. Schultz recommends carbo-loading for a week before a marathon, increasing your intake by 300 to 400 carb calories per day. For anything less than a marathon, eating a healthy balanced diet will suffice.

3. Runners Don’t Need to Strength Train
It used to be that runners just ran. But that won't lead to better performance. Strength training builds the muscles runners use most and can help improve performance and decrease injury. A small April 2021 study in the ?American Journal of Physical Anthropology? suggests having a strong upper body is linked to better running efficiency. Plus, a strong upper body aid in a strong arm swing, which helps propel you as you run. And an April 2021 study in ?Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise ?suggests lower-body strength — specifically in your glutes — is important for sprinting, like when you're doing a track workout or are running fast toward the finish line of a race.

4. Running Barefoot Reduces Injuries
Barefoot, or minimalist, running took the running world by storm, but it's been misunderstood in terms of its practicality. In fact, it can increase the risk of injury — like stress fractures, per the Cleveland Clinic — for many people.
"It's just not really realistic, especially considering the surfaces that we run on these days," Schultz says. She notes that on the right surfaces — such as grass — it has a place, but she concludes: "For most people it's just too stressful on the body and on the joints. "If you want to give minimalist running a shot, try one of these minimalist running shoes that have a much lower profile compared to your typical cushioned running shoe.

5. Running Is Bad for Your Knees
As a runner, you probably know this one's not true, but you need to arm yourself with the information to combat the myth when you hear it from your non-running friends.
While many people assume running is damaging to your knees, a February 2017 study in Arthritis Care and Research looking at a 10-year timeframe found runners don't have an increased risk of developing knee osteoarthritis compared with non-runners.

6. Muscle Cramps Are Caused by Dehydration and Electrolyte Loss
It's true that being well-hydrated and having adequate levels of the electrolyte minerals — sodium and potassium are two major ones — is important for your health and physical performance during a run. However, if your legs start to cramp during a run, it's likely not a hydration or an electrolyte issue.
In a June 2011 study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers compared blood electrolyte and hydration levels of two groups of Ironman triathletes: those who experienced cramping and those who did not. They found no differences and concluded that cramping was a result of increased running speed, not dehydration or electrolyte losses.

7. Changing Your Running Style Improves Running Economy
Although changing certain elements of your form may be beneficial, especially if you're becoming injured frequently, Schultz says the purported effects on running economy — or how well a person uses oxygen while running at a certain pace — are a myth. An April 2014 study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research assessed a technique called Midstance to Midstance Running (MMR), which emphasizes changes that shorten your running stride length. Researchers concluded that MMR had no effect on running economy.
And, according to a December 2019 review in Sports Medicine, changing your running stride may actually slow you down (best case scenario) or leave your injured (worst case scenario).

8. Running Outside Has No Relation to Running on a Treadmill
Running outside and running on a treadmill are completely different animals, right? Well, when it comes to scenery and stimulation, that may be true; but in terms of the mechanics of running, research shows there's not much of a difference between pounding the pavement and pounding the deck. A May 2019 review published in the journal Sports Medicine found that your heart rate and oxygen intake running outside and on a treadmill are just about the same if you increase the treadmill's incline to 1 percent to make up for the lack of air resistance indoors. With that being said, you may want to run outside to get some much-needed vitamin D. Plus, being outside in nature is shown to boost mood and benefit your mental health, according to the American Psychological Association (APA).

9. Taking a Few Days Off Will Result in a Loss of Fitness
Most people who run do it because they love it, so taking time off is not usually high on their list of priorities. But not only can taking a few days off aid your performance, it also won't decrease your fitness.
It takes about two weeks of not doing cardio exercise, like running, to start losing cardio fitness, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). And by four weeks, research — like this October 2019 study in Examines in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation— shows you can lose up to 20 percent of your VO2 max (aka your maximal oxygen consumption). Not taking rest days, however, will affect your performance. "You always want to make sure you recover more than you actually think you need to," Schultz says. Your body doesn't get stronger and faster during runs; rather, improvements occur during recovery, when your body goes to work repairing the damage done during your workout.

10. Running Is Only for the Young and Fit
Maybe you're not a runner but wish you were. Well, stop wishing and get out there! As long as you don't have any medical conditions or injuries that prohibit it, you can run.
And you don't have to immediately start running continuously either. Former Olympian, author and coach Jeff Galloway's Run Walk Run method, which alternates periods of walking with periods of running, is a great way for beginners to get into running — they can even work up to completing their first 5K, 10K or marathon.








Photos This Week

Mar 2 Bioski

Mar 2 Bioski

Mar 2 Bioski

Mar 2 Bioski

Mar 2 Bioski

Mar 2 Bioski

Mar 2 Sudaca

Mar 2 Sudaca

Mar 4 Rocks!! saturday am run

Mar 4 Run on the ice

Mar 4 Rocks!! run (Photo by Brian L)

Mar 4 Rocks!! run

Mar 6 Moonlight side trail

Mar 6 Perch Lake trail

Mar 6 Perch Lake trail

Mar 7 Karen in a quinzee at the Nature Chalet

Mar 7 Ramsey Lake full moon

Mar 8 Ramsey Lake full moon











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