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   Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                                                       May 21, 2015

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Rocks!!! Recap

by Randy Pascal



Diebel dialed in on return to Sudbury

St Benedict Catholic Secondary School graduate Sebastian Diebel was back in Sudbury in early May, capturing the 10km race as part of the Rocks Marathon

by Randy Pascal Sudburysports.com

Runners who have called Sudbury home for a while, for school, or just for the day were all part and parcel of the fun at the 2015 Rocks Marathon this past Sunday morning.

A native of Nairn Centre, Sebastien Diebel is well-known in local track & field circles from his days at St Benedict Catholic Secondary School. But graduation would move the talented runner on to Mount Olive College in North Carolina for a three year stint, heading back to Canada last September.

Moving back north, however, would take on a whole new meaning for Diebel, who was off to Lakehead University in Thunder Bay to pursue his Masters in Exercise Physiology under the stewardship of former Canadian Olympian Ian Newhouse.

Though he did not compete with the Thunderwolves in the OUA cross-country season, Diebel trained regularly. The results were evident as the athlete who was named after British middle distance great Sebastian Coe captured first place in the Continental Insulation 10km, covering the distance in 32:07.

"I was pretty injured coming out of the States," noted Diebel. "But I still have one year of eligibility. It was really too little, too late for me in terms of really getting fit and getting on the team."

Small wonder. By the time that the CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sport) cross-country rolled around last November in Newfoundland, the Lakehead crew had risen all the way to 6th place in the country.

Diebel would look a little further ahead. "I decided to save my eligibility and started building up my training, and now things are going really well," he said. Where track & field events would, at one time, form the priority, Diebel has moved on.

"I think I am getting more and more to the point of being less interested in being on the track and running 150m, 200m repeats all out," he said. "I am more interested in going out and running 20 kms at a more moderate pace, and just enjoying it."

Following is a breakdown of the top ten finishers in the 10km race, as well as the remaining divisional winners:
1 - Sebastian Diebel - 32:07 (M20-29)
2 - Andrew Hawkins - 36:56 (M20-29)
3 - Jeffrey Paul - 37:27 (M30-39)
4 - Neil Phipps - 39:34 (M40-49)
5 - Colin Ward - 40:17 (M40-49)
6 - Peter Ledingham - 40:19 (M40-49)
7 - Stephen Ramon - 41:33 (M30-39)
8 - Philip Ucci - 41:43 (M20-29)
9 - Ryan Marsaw - 41:53 (M40-49)
10 - Stacey Carter - 42:15 (F20-29)

1st - M1-19 - Stavros Gallant - 42:36
1st - M50-59 - Jim Shea - 44:34
1st - M60-69 - Daniel Merrick - 50:23
1st - M70-79 - Louis Moustgaard - 1:04:26
1st - M80+ - Walter Karen - 1:45:38
1st - F1-19 - Avery Sutherland - 52:19
1st - F30-39 - Maureen Marshall - 44:11
1st - F40-49 - Veronique Bertrand - 50:54
1st - F50-59 - Philippa Spoel - 56:52


Belan and Lambert at the front of the pack
by Randy Pascal

There is likely no event within the Sudbury Rocks Marathon that draws a more varied field than the Ionic Engineering 5km race. With just under one thousand registered participants, the run/walk draws athletes of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Little surprise that a number of the young guns were up near the front of the pack, as Brandon Belan of the York University Lions took first place in a time of 18:10, with fourteen year old Elliot Lake native Nick Lambert just six seconds back.

This despite the fact that the grade nine student was coming off a pretty busy Saturday schedule. "This was supposed to be kind of a recovery run, because I had a track meet yesterday (Nipissing Invitational), and I ran in four events," said Lambert.

"I did pretty well today, considering the track meet yesterday." Lambert had won both the midget boys 1500m (4:35.88) and 3000m (10:02.65) distances in Sturgeon Falls, with his sights set on a couple of very achievable goals within the next three to four weeks.

"I have the goal in mind of trying to win NOSSA, I came in second in cross-country," said Lambert. "At OFSAA, I would like to get a top ten finish." A top ten finish was the least of what motivates 50 year old Rusty Hopper to take part in the race.

A mainstay since the Rocks Marathon was first introduced a decade ago, Hopper is one of three nominees for the Bill Roman Administration Award at the House of Kin Sports Hall of Fame Dinner, thanks to his non-stop efforts with the Walden Cross-Country Fitness Club.

"I'm not a runner, but ski season finishes, the snow disappears, and I have to do something before I start riding my bike," suggested Hopper. "I train for a little bit and manage to pull off a 5km."

More than most, Hopper shares an appreciation for all of the "behind the scenes" work that goes into a busy day such as the Rocks Marathon festivities. "It's great to get out, it's great to see people organizing an event of this magnitude, and fantastic to see the turnout they get."

Following is a listing of the top ten finishers in the 5k race, along with the remaining winners in the various age groupings:
1 - Brandon Belan - 18:10 (M20-29)
2 - Nicholas Lambert - 18:16 (M13-16)
3 - Aurel Fox-Recollet - 18:56 (M20-29)
4 - Emily Marcolini - 19:08 (F17-19)
5 - Jordan Courshesne - 20:00 (M20-29)
6 - Justin Caranci - 20:00 (M30-39)
7 - Jenna Thornber - 20:00 (F20-29)
8 - Sydney Tarini - 20:09 (F13-16)
9 - Ethan Sheppard - 20:20 (M13-16)
10 - Harry Clark - 20:48 (M-U12)

Cameron Belisle - 22:58 (M17-19)
Nathaniel Sugeng - 21:35 (M40-49)
Greg Bond - 21:30 (M50-59)
Mark Donnelly - 24:22 (M60-69)
Tay Wilson - 31:03 (M70-98)

Megan Beaudry - 23:56 (F-U12)
Morgan Vine - 24:28 (F30-39)
Amanda Kosmerly - 20:51 (F40-49)
Martha Auchinleck - 24:13 (F50-59)
Claire Zuliani - 32:03 (F60-69)
Helene Vachon - 33:31 (F70-98)

Transplanted Sudburian wins Rocks Marathon

by Randy Pascal

Sudbury is not blessed, at the moment, with a glut of sub three hour marathoners. As such, welcoming a newcomer to town to maintain local bragging rights in the Rocks Marathon is not a bad thing at all.

With his wife accepting a position at Laurentian University late last year, 39 year old Pascal Renard made the move from Ottawa to Sudbury, with his family, back in December.

On Sunday morning, Renard cruised to a comfortable win in the local marathon, clocking a time of 2:43.52 on a gusty overcast day. "I didn't want to go too hard for the first half, aiming for 2:48:00, and tried to stay consistent," said Renard after the race.

"I was hired as an elite pacer for the Ottawa Marathon (May 25th), so that is also why I didn't want to go 100% leading up to that." Renard expects to pace one or more of the elite female runners in the nation's capital, looking to run a time of 2:35.00 or 2:40.00.

"I've run a number of marathons, this is a little bit on the hard side," said Renard, citing the rolling hills, and fair number of turns along the route. Still, despite leaving a city well-known for its "runner-friendly" trails and routes, the father of one young daughter is pleased with the training he was able to accomplish up north.

"We had a long winter, so I've certainly enjoyed the indoor facility at Laurentian," said Renard. "I have no complaints, really. I've been discovering the city and finding my own routes in and around the university."

Following race weekend in Ottawa, Renard has a few other targets in sight as he finds a balance between a busy life and his running. "Over the summer, I will maybe do some 10km races," he said.

"I am turning 40 in September, so I am thinking of doing maybe the national cross-country championships in Kingston in November." The top woman in the marathon was Betty Annala from Rosslyn (near Thunder Bay), finishing 14th overall in a time of 3:44.48.

A total of 32 individuals completed the marathon, with results as follows:
1 - Pascal Renard - 2:43:53 (M30-39) - Sudbury
2 - Gilles Gobeil - 3:04:09 (M40-49) - Gatineau
3 - Attila Kovacs - 3:05:31 (M40-49) - Kecskemet
4 - Alain Marcotte - 3:06:51 (M40-49) - Rouyn-Noranda
5 - Marc Larochelle - 3:15:46 (M40-49) - Sudbury
6 - Ken Stubbings - 3:20:38 (M50-59) - Cobourg
7 - Ryan Grant - 3:28:40 (M30-39) - North Bay
8 - Mike Yates - 3:30:03 (M40-49) - Ottawa
9 - Michel Lavergne - 3:31:27 (M50-59) - Kirkland Lake
10 - Steve Fessenden - 3:34:18 (M40-49) - Little Current
11 - Rob Greene - 3:40:44 (M30-39) - Sudbury
12 - Peter Yawney - 3:41:25 (M40-49) - Sudbury
13 - Benoit Rancourt - 3:43:00 (M60-69) - Ste-Germaine Boulé
14 - Betty Annala - 3:44:59 (F40-49) - Rosslyn
15 - Jack Lee - 3:53:34 (M30-39) - Scarborough
16 - Otto Mulder - 4:01:39 (M50-59) - Callander
17 - Jacob Rosset - 4:04:22 (M1-19) - Sudbury
18 - Amber Konikow - 4:05:18 (F40-49) - Lively
19 - Paul Statchuk - 4:08:10 (M30-39) - Toronto
20 - Mario Tremblay - 4:10:21 (M30-39) - Ste-Germaine Boulé
21 - Julia Bae - 4:15:08 (F30-39) - Toronto
22 - Diane Lafrance - 4:19:46 (F50-59) - Gatineau
23 - Julie Hayes - 4:20:15 (F30-39) - Wahnapitae
24 - Maurice Nakoochee - 4:28:09 (M50-59) - Chapleau
25 - Wei Tan - 4:31:11 (M40-49) - Markham
26 - Cassandra Bigras - 4:32:00 (F20-29) - Barrie
27 - Stephanie Cowan - 4:39:39 (F40-49) - Carp
28 - Anna Maria Drouin - 4:40:12 (F50-59) - Dorval
29 - Jean St-Aubin - 4:40:50 (M50-59) - Sudbury
30 - Shanelle Guillemette - 5:24:04 (F1-19) - Timmins
31 - Manon Guillemette - 5:24:04 (F40-49) - Timmins
32 - Wilfred Goron - 5:52:07 (M60-69) - Wheatley





Why Exercising Is a Higher Priority Than My Business

Joshua Steimle


It’s not greed that motivates us entrepreneurs. It would be difficult to justify the sacrifices we make if the only reward were money. Dollars become mere points in a sort of game. What it’s really about is building something great, doing something that matters and changing the world. That’s what makes it so easy to brush other things off. But it’s a mistake. I know that now, and that’s why today I care more about exercise than my business. But it’s not easy.

I have a growing business with 14 team members. These men and women rely on me to make sure their paychecks come on time, that benefits are there for them and their families, and that obstacles are removed so they can get their work done. We have approximately 40 clients, who are depending on me to make sure they’re getting the results that will help their businesses grow.

This adds up to a lot of tasks, and a lot of pressure. On any given day there are easily 100 important things I should be doing for my business, 50 of which are also urgent, but there is no way I can get more than 10 things done. And yet each and every week I spend at least 10 hours on focused, physical exercise.

I schedule my workouts during the workday and prioritize exercise over all my work activities. There is some flexibility, but if there is a conflict between a trail run I need to get in, and a meeting with a client, I’ll reschedule the client meeting first. I do this because I and my business can survive the consequences of rescheduling a client meeting, even if it means losing that client. But as soon as I start pushing workouts off, I’ll start missing workouts, and once I start missing workouts, I’m close to stopping workouts altogether.

Exercise must come first, or it’s unlikely to happen at all.

If exercise stops, then my health goes downhill. With the loss of physical health my productivity at work goes down. I become depressed. I lose motivation to do the things that makes my business successful. I’ve learned firsthand that excellence in one area of my life promotes excellence in all other areas of my life. Exercise is the easiest area of my life to control. It’s easy to measure. Either I get it in, or I don’t. When I do, it lifts up all other areas of my life, including my business.

For a long time, I was fooled into thinking that if my business wasn’t the top priority, then that meant I wasn’t doing all I could do to make it successful. This is an understandable way of thinking, but it’s completely wrong.

If my life is made up of 10 priorities, then it’s not as simple as saying that if I move the business from being priority two to priority one, that the business is going to benefit. The trick is to figure out which ordering of priorities provides the maximum overall benefit.

For example, when I exercise, that makes me better in every role I have, whether it’s as a husband, father, friend or entrepreneur. If I were to stop exercising because I felt that being a good business owner was a higher priority, then ironically I would end up a worse business owner than I was when it when it was a lower priority. Putting exercise first creates a win-win.

As my business grows, I see members of my team falling into the same trap I did. That’s why we’re working to institute health incentives, and why I’m not ashamed to talk about the time I take out of my work day to exercise. I know that if my team members put exercise and health before their jobs, they might work fewer hours, but they’ll feel better about themselves, have more fulfilling lives and they’ll produce better results with the hours they do work.

This article originally appeared on Entrepreneur.com.

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