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   Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                                                   January 19, 2012

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  1. You Know You are a Runner When...
  2. Upcoming Local Events -
  3. Running Room Update -
  4. Track North News -Shawn Brady's Album and TNOR Reference


You Know You are a Runner When...

(tidbits from the Net)


You know you are a runner when...

You keep a pair of running shoes in your trunk, just in case...

You search google earth just to see if there are any paths near you that you never knew about.

It bothers you when a co-worker asks if you are going "jogging" after work.

Your calves are bigger and more cut than your biceps

When it comes to fight or flight you choose flight.

You go outside and run 5 miles just because you are bored.

you plan your vacations to where the best destination marathons are.

...your hallway looks like this.

You have more pairs of running shoes in your closet (or hallway) than you have complete, unblackened toe nails on your feet

You wait for your SO to go to sleep on your honeymoon, then slip out for a few miles.

You're in a bad mood when you're not able to get your daily run in.

you feel proud of your lost and/or black toenails, and make everyone look at them

You think a running watch can accompany any outfit

You're over the age of 3 and still wear a bib.

LSD is not a drug to you.

You've become a pro at converting distances to the metric system (and vice versa).

... you stay in on a Friday night and eat a healthy meal just so you can be well rested and prepared to tackle a Saturday morning workout at sunrise

on your drive to or from work, you see someone running, and get jealous

... set your running clothes, shoes ipod & watch by your bed at night & look forward to drinking a tasty hot beverage before stepping out the door into the pre-dawn light of winter.

... you ENJOY a long run in freezing rain at night; enjoy running under a full moon thru the snow-covered countryside in January.

When you hear on the radio "This weekend looks cloudy, with possible light rain and temperatures in the 50's" and think to yourself "Sounds like a nice weekend!"

You get annoyed when people ask if you're "running any marathons this weekend"

- Your race entry fees & cost of running shoes could have sent you on a nice weekend vacation

- You pray for cloudy summer days

- People living three miles away see you more often than your next door neighbor

..... when getting a new pair of running shoes you can't wait to get out and try them out and you feel like a kid in a candy store while buying them !

You can judge your distance based off of your heart rate.

You get up at 5 a.m. in the dead of winter to get out and run before the city wakes up... and you actually find it relaxing!

Happy Running Trails all!






Upcoming Local Events

January 22, 2012


Full Info Poster Here


January 29, 2012??

Information at Laurentian Nordic Website Here (2011 Info)



February 19, 2012


Information and Registration Here

Half Marathon Map

Where: Sudbury Running Room, Sudbury, ON
Date: February 19, 2012
Time: 9:00 am


Visit our Events Section for all the Details



Run Club Update




Are you thinking about running or walking in the Sudbury Rocks! Race, Run or Walk for Diabetes? How about the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon? There is still time to join our ½ and full Marathon clinics! The clinics beginning now will get you ready to complete theses races.

Do you have a goal time in mind? We have programs to complete the Half marathon in 2 hours 30 minutes, 2:00, 2:15, 1:50, 1:45, 1:40, 1:30 and a program that will get you from the start to the finish line (great for first timers).

For the Marathon distances we have the beginner program as well as programs that target these finishing times….5Hours, 4:45, 4:30, 4:15, 4:00, 3:45, 3:30, 3:10, 3:00, and sub 3 hour targets.

"Running is not, as it so often seems, only about what you did in your last race or about how many miles you ran last week. It is, in a much more important way, about community, about appreciating all the miles run by other runners, too." ~~Richard O'Brien~~


If you can’t run, would prefer to walk or are a little bit intimidated by the running scene, this is the clinic for you. Choose from the beginner program to get you started on your walking journey or choose the advanced program to challenge yourself.

Walking Fitness – Saturday January 14th 10am – Instructor – Carol Kirkwood!


These clinics are designed with the beginner in mind they involve a gentle progression of run/walk intervals, gradually increasing throughout the ten-week session.

Learn To Run/5K – Monday January 9th at 6pm– Instructor - Deb Gauthier, Pacer – Christine Adornato

Hi! I'm Deb and we will be spending the next ten weeks together! I discovered the joy of running at nine years of age with my father and joined the school cross country running team. I took up running again in my thirties as a way to combat the daily stresses of life and stay healthy.

During my forties I decided I wanted to complete a marathon and joined the Running Room to learn the proper way to go about it. I enjoyed it so much that here I am today hoping to share that joy and motivation with you!

Looking forward to meeting you!



This clinic is ideal for those who already regularly run 4-6km for 3-4 runs a week. As this clinic includes both hill and speed training it is recommended that participants have a solid base of activity.

10K – Thursday January 12th at 6pm– Instructor – Alice Barnett

I have always been an active person and I became an avid runner about 7 years ago. I really enjoy participating in community organized races such as the Santa Shuffle, Run for the Cure and the run for diabetes. I have been working on increasing the distance that I run. I completed the Scotiabank 1/2 marathon in October, 2011 and I'm currently training for the 30K around the Bay in March, 2012. My ultimate goal in running is to complete the Paris Marathon in 2015. I feel like I'm well on my way. It is really motivating for me to help others reach running goals. What also keeps me heading out is running for a cause such as breast cancer, diabetes or children's programs. This will be the first clinic that I am running, so I hope that you get as much out of it as I do! Alice :)


This is ideal for those who have a base of 6-10km for 4-6 runs per week. As with the half, the weekday runs are shorter and the Sunday runs are LSD (long slow distance). Sundays begin with 3K and build to 21k with taper weeks along the way as you build your distance.

½ marathon and marathon – Tuesday January 10th at 630pm– Liz Taillefer

A Little Piece of Me!

I have participated in a number of different events. Including over 12 half marathons, 3 full marathons and 2 half Ironman’s and 12 shorter triathlons.

A few of my most memorable races are Dublin marathon in 2006 (Team Diabetes), Victoria BC marathon, Las Vegas Marathon, Muskoka half Ironman and many more.

I have also participated/paced or instructed every length of clinic from the Running Room including mom and baby stroller clinic, 5km, 10km, ½ marathon and full marathon. With each clinic I gain experience and knowledge and learn something new.

I want all of you to know that with each person comes a different beauty and a uniqueness. A beauty that is not uniform and that deserves to be highlighted with attention and encouragement which I hope to provide all my runners and walkers with.


This is ideal for those who have a base of 6-10km for 5-6 runs per week. As with the half, the weekday runs are shorter and the Sunday runs are LSD (long slow distance). Sundays begin with 10k and build to 42k with taper weeks along the way as you build your distance.

½ marathon and marathon – Tuesday January 10th at 630pm– Liz Taillefer


February 19th, 2012 – Hypothermic Half Marathon, Sudbury

February 29, 2012 – FIBER 1 Chill Challenge - Running Room stores

March 18th, 2012 - St. Patty’s Fun Run, Sudbury

May 13th, 2012 – Sudbury ROCKS!!



Join us for FREE Practice Club



Track North News - by Dick Moss


Shawn Brady's Album and TNOR Reference

Monday, January 16, 2012

As many of you know, TNOR alumni, Shawn Brady, has released a CD of original music. In an interview with Northern Life, Shawn gives a shout-out to Track North:

"One of the tracks, "All for the Run," pays tribute to his days as a Track North distance runner. Brady said the Laurentian trails were heavy on his mind when he penned the song.

Northern influences are present in the rest of the album, too. "Northern Ontario shaped a lot of who I am," he said. "It definitely comes through in the writing."

Here's the interview:

The lyrics to All for the Run are at the bottom of this email

Shawn was also recently interviewed for the CBC radio program, Points North:

You can hear a clip of the song at the following (and buy it if you like it):

Here are the lyrics to All for the Run:

Here I go, here I go
Wide awake and reckless
Long ago, long ago
I made a promise to myself
Miles of trial, trials of miles
One secret I can share
Here I go, here I go.

All for the run, look and see the distance in my eyes
Straight to the sun, and back and forth
Beneath those northern skies

Even flow, even glow
Wasted, weary in the wind
Shadow show, let it grow
Force of nature from within
Digging deep, in your sleep
Countdown to reality
Here I go, here I go


Breaking down, out in the rain
Guts and glory, all aboard the morning train
And though seasons they may change
Pain is pain that's all it is, it will remainŠ

Here I go, here I go
Wide awake and restless
Long ago, long ago
A vivid image in my eye
Mile of trials, all worthwhile
Leave it all out in the streets
Here I go, here I go

All for the run, look and see the distance in my eyes
Straight to the sun, and back and forth
Beneath those northern skies


Dick Moss, Coach,
Track North Athletic Club/Laurentian U. XC,


For information call me.
Vincent Perdue
341 Fourth Ave, Sudbury On. P3B-3R9

Proud sponsor of the SudburyRocks!!! Race, Run or Walk for Diabetes



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