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   Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                                                   January 12, 2012

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  1. Attention Event Directors - Events 2012
  2. Meet Your Running Goals Website
  3. Get Your Cold Weather Running Gear
  4. 2012 Northern Ontario Winter Triathlon Clinic, Sudbury Ontario
  5. Inching Closer to Your Lifestyle Goal
  6. Upcoming Local Events -
  7. Running Room Update -
  8. Track North News - Sharon Anderson Invitational Results - Indoor Track



Attention Race Event Directors

If you are putting on an event in 2012, it's time to get things together now. Check out my Events calendar to be sure you are there and your race information is up to date.

If you already know the date, then post that information now. The sooner people are aware the more chance they'll enter your event.

If you are planning on putting your event online (Running Room, Events Online, Zone4...) do it now - even if your event is later in the year. Using an online service increases your exposure by a wide margin.

If there are logistical issues to be taken care of do them now. Things like Venue rentals, parade permits, any course issues etc. need to be dealt with long before run day.

If anyone requires any assistance or have any questions, please let me know.

Take care and good luck with your events,

Vince vtperdue@cyberbeach.net




               Meet Your Running Goals

http://www.meet-your-running-goals.com/index.html           Running, Training and MUCH more



Are you looking for a ready source for all things running? If so then you are in luck. Local Sudbury athlete Derek Lalonde has developed a comprehensive website dedicated to assisting all levels of runners in meeting their objectives. Derek states the website has been a labour of love for over a year now. His main goal is to provide quality content to anyone interested in reading about it. I've gone through a lot of it and he's done a great job. I would bookmark this site.

An excerpt from the front page:
Welcome to Meet Your Running Goals! When it comes to meeting your running goals, running training is really only one part of your journey. If you take the time to explore, I'm sure you’ll find that there is SO much more here to discover that can help you to become a stronger, faster and overall healthier runner. Whether you are just starting out and looking to move from the couch to run your first 5k race or are trying to break that 3 hour marathon barrier, I’m here to help! For two decades I’ve been setting goals, training, celebrating and on occasion, disappointed well before the finish line. I love everything to do with the exploration of running training actions that result in adaptations. My mission is to provide you with the strategies, tools and motivation to help you reach the finish line feeling strong and yearning to come back for more. Running is such a beautiful sport, yielding so many rewards in more ways that you can imagine. You deserve the opportunity to realize your potential and go where you never thought you could before! ...Read more


Get Your Cold Weather Running Gear

a timely article from Meet Your Running Goals.Com

Cold weather running gear is critical for your safety and comfort when the temperature plummets. Indeed some of the most enjoyable runs to experience in the Canadian north are on cold crisp winter days on well packed snowmobile trails.

For many folks, winter is a time for training on the treadmill. No doubt, treadmills have their place and can be wonderful training tools with many benefits, but it’s also important to acclimatize to colder weather and really reap the rewards in the spring racing season. To ensure that you adapt well to colder weather, 25% of your mileage should be outdoors right through the winter.

It's important to dress for the conditions you will encounter. 'Dri-fit' covered with cotton will compromise the layer and hold the sweat in until your base layer is saturated. So for example on a cold windy day, wear a base layer(underwear/long johns and shirt) of moisture wicking clothing followed by another layer perhaps a bit thicker followed by a wind shell jacket. The goal is to dress warm enough but not overdress so that you’ll overheat. Since it takes a good 15 minutes to warm up, it can be hard to tell right out the door if you done a good job. A few light extras such as a bella clava that you can keep around your neck, can make a big difference, especially during the second half of a long run, after the sun has gone down and the temperature plummets! Regular thickness socks and regular training shoes usually do. Since running causes a high velocity of blood flow through your feet, you will rarely experience cold toes while running. Unless of course, you fail to wear moisture wicking socks or start off your run with wet feet! If you don cleats, ensure that they are big enough to go over your shoes without constricting your toes.

From head to toe, here is a list of must-have cold weather running gear if you plan to run outside this winter in comfort:
•Base Layer – moisture wicking short or long sleeve shirts and long johns to wear directly against your skin
•Cleats – slip over your shoes
•Grease – for seams, cheeks and lips to protect from wind and sun burn
•Anti-fog glasses – yet to find completely anti-fog glasses but some are better than others
•Gloves and Mitts – gloves will be fine until you get colder than minus 10 Celsius at which point, your hands will be warmer if your fingers are together
•Light and Heavy toque – toques are probably your most important cold weather running gear as far as temperature regulation goes. As with gloves, light dri-fit toques that cover your ears will suffice unless it’s very windy or the temperature falls below minus 10 Celsius
•Bella Clava – these are great and you should rarely leave home without one. They can lightly stack around your neck to be easily pulled up to cover your head, forehead, chin and neck if need be.
•Shell – light, moisture wicking jacket with kidney protection beaver tail that offers wind protection.
•Underwear – running underwear has soft seams, is moisture wicking and as a bonus can be covered with wind breaking material (a male runner’s best friend)

Good luck with your winter running.



2012 Northern Ontario Winter Triathlon Clinic, Sudbury Ontario


Following the incredible popularity of our 2010 and 2011 programs, Discomfort Zone Performance Coaching is proud to offer the Discomfort Zone 2012 Sudbury Winter Triathlon Clinic running from January 29th - March 30th under Discomfort Zone Coach Brad Walker, and held in Sudbury, Ontario.

Designed by 2011 Ultraman World Championship runner-up and Discomfort Zone Head Coach Mike Coughlin, the clinic provides hands on instruction and training in swimming, cycling and running. It is open to beginner and experienced athletes alike. The combination of a social group training environment, and progressively challenging workouts delivered by experienced, certified coaches is sure to motivate all participants to reach new levels of fitness in 2012 and to have fun doing it!

The clinic is offered at a cost of $195 (plus membership with the Ontario Association of Triathletes), and includes:

Clinic Kick-Off Brick Workout on Sunday, January 29th from 9:00am-12:00pm, featuring Discomfort Zone Head Coach Mike Coughlin
Monday Swim and Core Strength workouts 6:30pm-8:00pm
Friday Bike and Run workouts 6:30pm-8:00pm (workouts alternate weekly between bike and run)
Sunday Brick workouts 9:00am-12:00pm (January 29, February 26 and March 25 only)
All sessions will be held at Laurentian University Athletic Building in Sudbury, Ontario
Bicycles and indoor trainers required for Friday and Sunday workouts
For more information or to register, please contact Head Coach Mike Coughlin at dzmike@gmail.com.





Inching closer to your lifestyle goal
• Banish your guilt…fresh start in 2012
• When you believe it you will achieve it. Use positive self-talk.
• Uncover the path to reach your goals one step at a time.
• Plan to succeed


The Truth of the Matter is…

1. You are going to have to make tough choices if you want to change where you are right now.
2. How you feel about yourself effects your relationships with friends, family and partner.
3. It’s going to be a lifestyle change and not a diet or 10 week fitness program. Do things that work with your schedule, your household, your family, your life!
4. It will be consistent baby steps that will get you there.
5. It’s not easy.

Look Forward
1. Keep it clear and maintain your focus on one item at a time.
2. Small consistent steps in the right direction
3. Leave the negative atmosphere at the door
4. Celebrate your success every step is worth acknowledgment.
If you believe it, you can achieve it!

By Donna Smrek and Lise Edwards     http://tristyle.weebly.com/





Upcoming Local Events

January 22, 2012


Full Info Poster Here


January 29, 2012??

Information at Laurentian Nordic Website Here (2011 Info)



February 19, 2012


Information and Registration Here

Half Marathon Map

Where: Sudbury Running Room, Sudbury, ON
Date: February 19, 2012
Time: 9:00 am


Visit our Events Section for all the Details



Run Club Update




"100% Pure Running
Nothing Added:
No balls, pads, bats, gloves.
No nets, hoops, racquets.
No hash marks, or helmets.
No jerseys, skirts, stirrup socks or mouth guards.
No chewing tobacco.



February 19th, 2012 – Hypothermic Half Marathon, Sudbury

February 29, 2012 – FIBER 1 Chill Challenge - Running Room stores

March 18th, 2012 - St. Patty’s Fun Run, Sudbury

May 13th, 2012 – Sudbury ROCKS!!



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Track North News - by Dick Moss


Sharon Anderson Invitational Results - Indoor Track

Sharon Anderson Invitational - Results
7/7/12, University of Toronto Indoor Track

Two Track North runners from the Laurentian Indoor track team competed at the Sharon Anderson Invitational this weekend, at the University of Toronto indoor track.

Rookie Katie Wismer, of Sudbury, placed 7th in the 1500 metre, running a six-second personal best time of 4:54.26.

Emma Tallman, a fourth-year runner from Mindemoya, placed 8th in the 1500 metre with a time of 4:54.26.

The next competition for the Lady Vees will be the Hal Brown Invitational at the University of Toronto track on January 21.


Dick Moss, Coach,
Track North Athletic Club/Laurentian U. XC,


For information call me.
Vincent Perdue
341 Fourth Ave, Sudbury On. P3B-3R9

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