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   Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                                                June 23, 2016

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  1. Miner's Mayhem
  2. Sudbury Fitness Challenge Canoe Marathon
  3. Edge 2 Edge Marathon
  4. Upcoming Local Events - July 1 Firecracker 5k, July 7 Finlandia Trail Run Series Event #2
  5. Running Room Update -
  6. Track North News -


 June 18, 2016

Adanac Ski Hill Sudbury On June 18, 2016

  Story by Angela Gemmell

I had a blast! But I knew I would. I always do. This past Saturday was the Miner’s Mayhem in Sudbury. It’s a muddy, challenging 6.5 kilometre obstacle course that is mining-themed, to go with the city’s heritage. I have been both a volunteer and a participant the past four years. The event was marking its fifth anniversary. I decided just a few weeks ago I would participate. My friend Randi didn’t have anyone to run with, so I signed up to join her.

The Miner’s Mayhem is for all fitness levels. When participants stress beforehand about not being able to do certain obstacles we tell them there is a burpee buy-out. What this means is if a participant feels they can’t do an obstacle for some reason, they must do burpees instead. I am not a fan of burpees (most people aren’t) so I at least try to do the obstacle before I take the buy-out.

The morning of the event I usually volunteer at Body Markings. I write participants’ numbers on their arms or legs. This is instead of using race bibs. There are several reasons why I volunteer for this job. Firstly, I get to meet a lot of the participants. The other reason -I’m not going to lie- is because there are some very attractive male biceps and muscular legs. Their number has to go somewhere and someone has to write it on for them. I’ll volunteer to do it. LOL!


Here’s the thing about the Miner’s Mayhem, I personally feel more participants enjoy themselves when they run/walk the course with at least one friend or more. I’m sure there are plenty of participants who want to run by themselves to achieve a personal best time. I am not one of those people. When I’ve participated with either a group or alongside another friend we always help each other through the obstacles, we encourage each other and we laugh about the wacky things along the course. But my favourite is the finish line. The finish line is the absolute best for camaraderie and celebration.

Just before the finish line Randy and I grabbed each others hands and ran across together. Our time was the furthest thing from my mind. I was more happy about finishing the grueling course and sharing the entire experience with my friend. Once I was done my race I watched the finish line for about 45 minutes. Those who finished in groups of two or more had smiles on their faces, they were laughing and comparing which part they found the most difficult. I loved watching their joy. Those who crossed the finish line by themselves, usually looked at their watches and were rather emotionless about finishing. There was no one to share that experience with.

I really loved hearing about participants’ experiences afterwards. It seemed like most people had a good time despite a few challenges. It was one of the hottest days of the year…but the obstacles with water kept everyone cool. I heard many people say they’d be back again next year. Great! Bring friends. The Mayhem is best enjoyed with a friend or two.

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  June 19, 2016


Sudbury Canoe Club/ Sudbury Fitness Challenge Canoe Race 2016
Sunday June 19th /2016   Northern Water Sports Centre



Third year in a row I've convinced Neil Phipps to do the 20k canoe distance at the annual sudbury fitness challenge canoe marathon. He was adamant we were only doing 9 this year, but I managed to convince him to do the long haul. Really glad we did! A great event and the first year in the new beautiful water sports complex.


All Photos Here


Contact Rob Marcolini @ 705.522.4195 or marco.renout@eastlink.ca




The Edge-to-Edge Marathon kicked off at Incinerator Rock at 8:30 a.m. Sunday morning June12. Torn Grabi of Richmond B.C., front left, won the event with a time of 3:20:46. — image credit: Andrew Bailey


Rocks!! Run in Ucluelet

The Annual Edge to Edge Marathon, Half Marathon and Relay is a destination race unlike any other. For 2016 the route started on Pacific Rim's Long Beach at Incinerator Rock and continued on the sand for 6km. A few kms on the highway brought the runners to the Wild Pacific Trail . While challenging the course is incredibly scenic running along unspoiled beaches, over awesome hills, through the rainforest, along the rugged coastal shore and finishing in the Village green in Ucluelet .

There were 4 events and all take in the best scenery the coast has to offer. We competed in the Marathon (Ken and Vince) and the Half Marathon (Lynn and Lise). We all agreed this was the most scenic of runs we have done to date.

We also had a great time exploring the Island and took in things like Cathedral Grove, downtown Victoria, Vancouver and Whistler. Photos Here

Now, on to our next adventure...


BIB Name Category Rank Gender Place Cat. Place Official Time
4562 Ken Stubbings M45-59 8 7 3 3:37:11
4543 Vincent Perdue M60+ 36 24 1 4:42:42


Half Marathon

BIB Name Category Rank Gender Place Cat. Place Official Time
5771 Lynn Stubbings F45-59 166 115 33 2:52:55.0
5730 Lise Perdue F45-59 167 116 34 2:52:56.0



The Wild Pacific Trail

by Andrew Bailey - Tofino-Ucluelet Westerly News
posted Jun 17, 2016 at 10:00 AM

The Edge-to-Edge crown belongs to the mainland this year as Richmond B.C.’s Torn Grabi took Sunday’s top honours.

Grabi, whose time of 3 hours 20 minutes and 46 seconds bested second place finisher Dave Small of Victoria by over four minutes, told the Westerly he knew he was running well during the first half of the 42-kilometre race and his confidence and enjoyment grew when he reached the course’s trail portion.

“I love trail running and enjoyed it the whole way,” he said. “The rugged scenery of Ucluelet is awesome. The trail running, the awesome ocean views; it’s just beautiful. There’s a real West Coast feel.”

Team F.U.N. from Vancouver—anchored by six time Edge-to-Edge marathoner and two–time champion Hjalmar Kristiansen—took top prize in the day’s 42-kilometre relay race with a time of 3 hours 5 minutes and 34 seconds.

The start-line for both the marathon and relay race was at the Pacific Rim National Park’s Incinerator Rock for the first time this year.

The Park had not been part of the marathon, which once spanned from Tofino to Ucluelet, since 2013 when concerns over runner safety on the highway motivated race officials to contain the course entirely in Ucluelet. Longtime Edge-to-Edge volunteer Geoff Lyons told the Westerly the most concerning portion of highway was avoided by having runners push through the sand of Long Beach and not hit the road until Combers Beach. “That always was a challenge to get people safely around that area. So, by avoiding that and putting them on the beach we overcame that issue and the rest of the highway is pretty straight forward,” he said. Lyons noted Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Government has committed to build a $17.7 million trail through the Park and said this could be a tremendous feature for the marathon. “That will be perfect and keep people off the road altogether,” he said.

The Edge-to-Edge event is organized by the Ucluelet Chamber of Commerce and the chamber’s vice-president Cathy Whitcomb touted the West Coast’s volunteer spirit as the fuel that powered the day’s success. “The volunteer aspect was overwhelming,” she said. “We had so many people participate on so many different levels to make it happen and we’re looking forward to next year, but first we’re looking forward to our volunteer appreciation party which will be announced in the very near future.” She added the marathon is a key cog in Ucluelet’s summer wheel. “It brings a lot of economic value to the community, which makes people feel good,” she said. “The even bigger part, I believe, is that it brings us all out to one big arena where we can enjoy each other’s company and continue to build relationships; both business and personal…It’s a lot of work but it really gets people pumped up.”

She said the Park was a welcomed addition to this year’s event. “The Park is a partner we want to continue building a relationship with and, with the future potential of a bike path going through, it will enhance the opportunities for the marathon tremendously,” she said.






Upcoming Local Events

July 1, 2016

Wednesday, July 1st, 2016 - 6pm Walden Arena

Race Start Times:
6:15pm Kids 1km Fun Run
7:00pm 5km Road Race

The 28th annual Walden Firecracker Road Race is being held on the evening of July 1st, with the kids race beginning at 6:15pm, and the 5k race beginning at 7:00pm. Join in on the Canada Day festivities with a 5k race, or a 1k race for the younger runners. There will be lots of great prizes to be won, as well as refreshments and snacks following the run.

The proceeds of the race will go towards the Laurentian Vees Cross-Country Team. Fundraising ...is crucial to our running season, and every registration is appreciated.

If you have any questions at all, be sure to ask! The registration fees for the race this year are $25 for the 5k event and $2 for the kids 1k event. You may register online by following the link found below, or can pick up a registration form at the Running Room.

Register at: https://www.events.runningroom.com/site/?raceId=13284


Basic details regarding the race may also be found at www.tracknorth.com

5km Map



July 7, 2016                                                       Next Event Thursday July 7             NEW Kids are FREE

Finlandia Trail Run Series Race #1: Mixture of wide and single-track trails. Two short, steep uphill sections. Racers doing the 6 km course will do two loops. We know you're out there Sudbury. — at Laurentian Nordic Ski Club / Club de ski nordique Laurentien.

Sudbury Finlandia Trail Run Series





Run Club Update




Store News


Good afternoon Runner's and Walker's :)

I am hoping everyone is having a great summer officially as of yesterday, and running is coming along for everyone,.the fire cracker 5km is coming up on July 1st at 7pm in Lively. The quote of the week is "out on the roads there is fitness, and self-discovery and the person we were destined to be so get out there and enjoy it" (George Sheehan)

We are still looking for an instructor for the Half Marathon clinic that is starting on Thursday June 30th anyone that is interested in teaching a clinic please contact the storeat 705-523-4664 or simply come into the store and chat with us about the opportunity. As well if your interested in participating in the clinic you can sign up online or in store.

I wish everyone a great rest of your week and happy running.

Your Sudbury Running Room Team

Eric, Alex, Ania, Justin, Jordano

Join us for FREE Practice Club

We have FREE run club Wednesday nights at 6pm and Sunday mornings at 8:30am.




Track North News - by Dick Moss




Dick Moss, Head Coach
Laurentian XC/Track Team
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/laurentianxctrack/


For information call me.
Vincent Perdue
341 Fourth Ave, Sudbury On. P3B-3R9
vt perdue@cyberbeach.net

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